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Problems Growing Your No-Longer-a-Startup?

Despite what the tech startup hype says, as in almost every business, the growth eventually slows or  stops altogether. If you've survived those initial few years and are perhaps, three, five, or more years since achieving profitability, you are gracious but also worried. Can you attract and retain great talent? Will your customers be drawn to competitors? Are you struggling to release updates and upgrades?

All of these are valid questions with no simple answer... but our team is here to help!

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Addressing Technical "Debt"

  • Preventing scope creep that causes significant re-work to prior builds

  • Addressing backlog and numerous pending development and upgrade issues

  • Calculating 'drag' and eliminating unplanned features and hence reducing bugs

  • Delivering finished products on-time and on-budget

Getting Technical Experts on Demand

  • Match the right people for the right roles

  • Reduce overhead in the hiring process

  • Increase the amount of staff without the need to permanently hire, for however long as needed

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An Independent CTO

  • Bring impactful and disruptive trends to the company

  • Assess new events as opportunities or threats (or both)

  • Seek out new tech  and processes to improve service and product development

  • Collaborate with others in the organization to remain aligned with business goals

Intrigued Enough to Learn More?

Well you scrolled down this far so I'm guessing you're somewhat interested!

Click the link below to learn more and find time to chat!

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