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Business-Focused Tax Credits

When you're growing a business, you're hardly making ends meet (in many cases). Hence, since you're not making much money yet, means that you probably don't need to worry about paying a big tax bill, right?

Well... maybe.. but did you know you could still qualify for some rather large tax credits!

Smaller or earlier stage companies spend a ton on research, development, hiring key talent, and other relevant expenses that are intended to significantly increase income in future years. 

So why not take advantage of every tax credit available to you?!

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R&D Tax Credits

  • Qualifying clients average $250k in federal and state R&D Tax Credits for their investments in innovation

  • The R&D Tax Credit is an $18B government incentive to encourage US-based companies to continue to innovate within their industry

  • Each industry operates on specific activities. These activities are the building blocks of your potential R&D Tax Credit from the IRS.

  • Find out if you're eligible by clicking below!

Employee Retention Tax Credit

  • Did you retain your employees during the pandemic? You may qualify for up to $26,000 per employee by claiming the ERTC.

  • Previously, companies could claim this tax credit for all of 2021, but now they are limited to Q1 - Q3 of 2021

  • Even though the pandemic is over, your business may still qualify if there is evidence that operations were partially or fully suspended due to governmental orders or your business had a significant decline in gross receipts

  • As of Fall 2022, the IRS is increasing audits of businesses that received the ERTC in the past. But that's okay as long as you go through the process with a reputable team (like us)! 

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Many Industries, Many Tax Opportunities

  • Many business-focused tax credits were created to incentivize companies in numerous industries to keep innovative jobs in the United States See

  • We can provide industry- specific info to learn more about qualification criteria (what your company is working on right now) and if you may be eligible for significant tax breaks

  • Alcohol and Hemp/CBD even qualify! Despite the additional regulatory scrutiny on some industries, there are still federal and state tax credits available to them!

How Does It Work?

  • We conduct an R&D tax study to identify your total qualifying R&D expenses that you can claim on your federal and state tax returns

  • We coordinate with your CPA and current accounting support to submit your claim.

  • We'll provide you and your accountant with unlimited audit support including all the supporting documentation.

  • It is completely free to start! Zero out-of-pocket costs for industry experts to optimize your R&D Tax Credit claim. We only get paid when YOU get paid!

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