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Playing With Numbers

While tempted to just call ourselves an accounting firm, that wouldn't do justice to ourselves OR our clientele.

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Strategic CFOs

Our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) support is specialized to support the unique tax, accounting, and financial operations that are specific to SaaS and broader tech startups, small, and mid-sized businesses.

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Helping You Get Funded

For many companies, there comes a time when seeking outside funding might be helpful. However, most do so relying solely on technical expertise and 'winging it'.

Our CFO partners provide business planning, financial modeling, investor positioning, content/design of pitch decks and expert guidance during the process!

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Do You Have Enough Cash to Survive?

Having a financial roadmap is essential to tracking progress. We work with your technical team members to understand your product timelines, market risks, and other assumptions to compare financial projections against actual performance. If pre-revenue, we help identify your ‘break-even point’ for when you are cash positive.

What Tax Issue Is It Now?

With success comes the increased exposure to various tax requirements across the US and beyond. Sales, franchise, corporate, payroll, and even crypto taxes each have their own processes and timelines, which can be easy to forget. Our team assists by tracking quarterly and annual filings and engaging with authorities on your behalf, as needed.

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Product-Market Fit... FAST

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What Else Could Go Wrong?

In this industry, there are numerous unforeseen things that may come up. These may be 409A valuations,  R&D credit studies, Section 83(b) elections, Section 351 transfers, and due diligence activities. With our support, you can rest easy while we take care of these items.

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